Our fleet

Our fleet of Taxis Valles Bcn is formed by different vehicles with different characteristics to suit the needs of each client. With that taxis are the following:

* Vehicles sleeps 4
* Vehicles 4 seater with ample luggage
* Taxi minivan or station wagon 5 or 6 places
* Ecological Vehicles
* Vehicles 7, 8 and 9 seater
* Mercedes luxury vehicles from 4 to 9 seats

Regardless, all of our vehicles can be equipped with infant seat or child seat as long as the customer requests when ordering. Moreover, all our staff has TPV devices for our customers to make payments in Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal.
As if that were not enough, all our vehicles are equipped with security system 112, offering our customers greater security in all its movements. With this system our taxis can always be found and communicated directly with emergency services to any existing problem.

Finally, our drivers meet all legal requirements of state law and therefore municipalities. Each of them has the necessary and updated documentation and license municipalities in which they work and relevant qualifications to perform long distance services. Thus, our company, Taxi Vallés appears in the IMT Barcelona Barcelona as one of the best radio stations in Catalonia cab provided each and every one of the requirements that we are required.